Saturday, February 16, 2008

God's Country

Evan and I got the same e-mail, only with our names switched, on Myspace from the train we worked on over the summer. Someone has made a profile for it, apparently. The e-mail wasn't very nice, and I'm guessing someone saw our blog posts. It said:

It sounds like you had an experience on board the train. Could it be that you really weren't a server or could it be that you were scared to go out on the train without Evan. Oh my bad, you are Mormon and could not possibly be gay. And we know if you had those kind of feelings you can go to school to learn how not to be gay.
Such a shame you and you 'friends' find it necessary to trash the vehicle that allowed you to make as much money as you did. Good riddance to you and your kind and if you ever get the yen to come back to Alaska, DON'T! We don't like opinionated, rude, or weak people up in here in God's Country.

KARMA IS A BITCH..............................

All Aboard!

Well, anyone who remembers my days as a writer for the 100 Hour board knows that I don't take that kind of attitude without responding tenfold. I really did try to tone it down, but that one sure got my hackles up. Here, then is my response:

I have to make some assumptions about your meaning here because some of your statements lack lucidity. Could it be that I wasn't really a server? I assume you mean that maybe I wasn't cut out to be a server. Because I definitely was a server on that train. And I for sure was a very successful server in the job I had before I ever went to Alaska. Yes, I could have put up with more crap from you and made more money than YOU could make elsewhere, but I actually have open doors in my life. You go ahead and keep that job. You're just like a guest on Jerry Springe who is going to go back home to her abusive husband because in all actuality she's probably too white-trash to get a decent man. Me? I'm outta there. Why put up with all that crap when I could be making as much money in a decent working environment? Now don't think I wasn't making a lot of money up there. It's just that so much of it was being taken by dishonest management. That was coupled with the fact that I had to pay hundreds of dollars in order to provide a doctor's note before returning to work, even though I never once called in sick to work. Your office mismanaged so many things it just wasn't worth it to me to even try. I worked my butt off to make the customers happy in that job, and my customers loved me. My fellow servers gave me positive feedback. My managers had (and still have, obviously) no idea who I am or what I am capable of or what I am worth.

Your ad hominem attack on my religion surely doesn't hold the kick for me that you seem to hope it would. You seem to try to insult me by calling me gay, and then you turn around and insult me for being Mormon because of Mormons' stances on gays. Sounds like you had a negative experience with Mormons or homosexuality or both somewhere along the way, and for that I'm sorry. But most of the Mormons and gays I know (which is more than you know in both categories) are good and happy people who are just trying to do the best they can. I don't know about this school you're talking about to teach gays to be straight, but it sounds to me like no wilder a claim than the idea that people could come up to Alaska for the summer and have a good time earning lots of money on the McKinley Explorer.

Interesting that you don't say who you are. Your name on Myspace is "All," and I'm guessing your last name is "Aboard." Cute. I'm guessing you're in management, because you are actually defending that God-awful company. It says you're a panhandler, so I'm guessing you actually live in Alaska. It says you're 99 years old, so that points to Lorelle, but on the other hand, you sound a bit drunk, so maybe it's Kim. If this is Matt, I'm sorry. I felt you were the only person in management at that company who did a good job, and my attacks on the company were never meant to be aimed at you. Then again, it says you are fat and male, which makes me think of that one fat guy who worked in the office and was engaged to the little chirpy but sweet girl. I think it was John, maybe? Yeah, I could see John using words like "yen" and using sarcasm as a primary defense mechanism. It's probably better for you that I never find out which one you are, because for an employer to say those things about Mormons and homosexuals is clearly illegal.

Anyway, I've moved on with my life. Sorry you're stuck up there and this misery has to continue to be your existence, but I'm actually in a really good place right now. I love my job and I'm going to school and the other day in class when the teacher brought up having to work for incompetents, it actually took me a few minutes before my Holland America experience came to mind. I take that as a good sign.

I haven't enumerated my reasons for not sticking with the job here in this e-mail, because I am assuming you already saw my blog post. However, in case you missed it, here it is:

You don't like opinionated, rude, or weak people in Alaska? No wonder you all seemed to hate each other. I don't even know if it's worth it to point out that that last statement of yours was opinionated AND rude, because you seem to have very weak reasoning powers.

I don't understand why you would say "Karma's a bitch" to someone who has moved on and is infinitely happier than he was when you knew him. That statement would seem to apply more to someone who is miserable and treats others like crap who is stuck returning year after year to a miserable job that treats him like crap. If Karma is such a bitch, maybe it should get a job as a manager at the McKinley Explorer after Lorelle keels over or Kim gets thrown in the drunk tank. Neither of which will happen too soon.

--Robbie Pierce

Next time: My Valentine's Day surprise!


Peter said...

I love that you used to write for the 100 hour board. That makes me happy.

Klobas said...


pinetree said...

Sounds like Drew to me.

[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

We don't like opinionated, rude, or weak people up in here in God's Country.

Wow. All sorts of things wrong with that sentence.

Someone is excessively infantile.

Kaylene said...

wow! somehow i am not surprised that something so crazy would happen to you. What an insane letter!!! I love your response, so sassy.

Anonymous said...

I respect your toned down response. A brute like myself would have hunted that person down and made him feel misery. Does it make me lesser of a person? Yes, but revenge is so sweet. Especially when its dished to idiots. I suppose this means I hate stupid people.

David said...

Never go in against a Sicilian(Robbie) when death(rhetorical superiority) is on the line!

joseph said...

Funny post and great blog!!!

Janell said...

You really ought to start your own "Ask Robbie - 100 Hour Board." I mean it. Go do it. Now. What are you waiting for?