Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Little Blog Help, Anyone?

I did something bad, and now all of my posts on my Confessions Blog feature my full name. So I've hidden the blog away, but I'm hoping there's someone out there who can maybe help me out with this? It's a technical computery kind of a problem, and I could always go through and just post them all over again from scratch, but I'm not really looking forward to that, because there are like 138 of them. Anyway, if you'd be willing to help, let me know!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Old Blog

I have decided to go back and do a more readable version of this blog. I'm starting at the beginning, editing type-os, adding new perspectives on old stories, slipping pictures in there for illustration's sake. I'm leaving out the lists and the self-references, changing people's names to their real names where I can remember who I was talking about, and trying to increase the over-all enjoyability of the blog for people who are not me. This blog will stay here, but I will be directing people to the other one in the future. You can find it at thebrainypoetcorner.blogspot.com. "The brainy poet corner" is an anagram for "Robert Anthony Pierce," as I've previously hinted. Anyway, I just finished souping up the first two posts on it, the first of which is a combination of the two oldest posts on this blog that really tell one humorous story, and the second of which is an extensively re-worked retelling of why I quit my once-upon-a-time job at Tahitian Noni International. I hope you enjoy then either for the first time, or thaht you enjoy the improvements.


Thursday, May 01, 2008

The R List

So, Oprah's magazine, "O," contains a list called the "O List," which is full of the latest things that Oprah thinks are neat. I have decided not to let Oprah tell me how to live my life. So here's the R List:

freerice.com Whoever invented this website is a genius. You get to play a game that teaches you vocabulary, and every time you get a word right, the site donates 20 grains of rice to the World Food Foundation or something. The money comes from advertisers whose banner ads at the botton of the page are refreshed every time you get a new word. Splendiferous (a word I actually learned from Oprah)!

collages I don't know why I never collaged in school, but lately collages are my new thing. Eventually, I will have an entirely collaged wall in my room.

Tina Fey Basically anything this woman does is magical to me. Just recently saw "Baby Mama," which was brilliant. Also loving her in 30 Rock on NBC these days.

Kroger brand Lemongrass and Basil hand soap Seriously, I never knew my hands could smell so good. Also it kinda a little bit makes me crave spaghetti. Hmmmm.

Astro City Comics I know you think comic books are for nerds. Well, you're right. But if you're a nerd, check these out. They just might change your life. And I'd be happy to lend them to you.

Dolly Parton "I hope that people can see that beneath the wigs there's a brain, and behind the boobs there's a heart." That's probably not an exact quote from her, but close enough. I know she's an old-lady country singer, but her songs are witty, catchy (see: Nine to Five), and sometimes downright inspiring (see: Travelin' Thru). I'm just going to say it: I have a testimony of Dolly Parton. Amen.

Scentsy Candles Kinda gay, I know, but my friend Haylee sells them, and they actually smell precisely like the things like which they're supposed to smell.

Barbecuing And not just to make up for the candles. I really love a good barbecued cheeseburger or chicken, and come to find out, it's easier than it looks!

Taking children away from polygamists Yeah, I'm all for it. You can't just start a community where you give birth over and over and then swap all your teenage daughters as wives with all of your old cronies in exchange for their teenage daughters for your own wives. That's wrong. And while some people are boycotting anything from Texas, i fully intend to buy MORE of whatever it is Texas produces in order to show my support of a difficult decision. So the question is, what exactly do I buy? Pace Picante Sauce? A t-shirt that says "Don't mess with Texas?" An armadillo? Working on it....

And on an opposite note:

Gone, Baby, Gone Overlook the fact that it was directed by Ben Affleck (he does have an Oscar, and not for his acting), and ignore the language, and you'll see a really great movie that probes some really hard themes.

Moab What a great little town in Southern Utah. This is where you go to see all the arches and canyonlands, and it's beautiful. Glade, Greg, and I took a trip down there, stayed at the Lazy Lizard hostel, took a crepuscular hike through a verdant canyon, watched the dawn warm the glowing red underbelly of Mesa Arch, and had our breaths taken by Delicate Arch. The ruddy terrain left us all in sanguine spirits.

Glade for President Or at least for National Alternate Delegate for the Republican Party. Check out the video Wills, Evan and I helped him make. I'm so proud of our little Glade!

And that's about all I have.

Things that have NOT made the R list include vegetarianism, gardening, and the fact that it is snowing and it is May and i still live in Utah. That's not really very much to complain about, given all the things that are working so efficiently at making me happy lately.

Until next time, smurferinos,