Saturday, December 18, 2004

Saintly Appliance

Toasteroven is one of the best people I know. Through and through. I knew I liked him, but I had no idea his friendship would be so good for me. I can't go into specifics, but I really just like the guy. He's so much wiser than I gave him credit for being, which was pretty wise. That makes me excited to get to know the other one better, too, because that's the same feeling I get from her. That's all, today. Tomorrow we'll talk about my brother's phone call, and the Drama Queen. This is not interesting to anyone else, is it? My friend Chris wrote a song called, "I rock so hard your pants blow off," and a sequel, "I rock so hard old people explode," and yet a third installment called, "I rock so hard your water breaks." That's how Toateroven rocks.

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Toasteroven said...

Thanks, bro, much appreciated. I shoulda talked to you last night/this morning... I have to go early because my mom told me about a YSA activity and my very good less active friend might be there and the YSA guy erroneously assumed I'd be there, too.

But we WILL hang out over the break at least once. And I'll have messenger up in SLC. Yippee-eye-oh-kai-ay.