Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I feel like saying something. You don't have to read it.

My brother is coming to town this weekend. He is bringing all the duct-tape purses he's made, and will be selling them for $10 a pop. I assure you they are vey nice. He told me that the DI is up to 64% of the reason he's making the trip. I need to get as many of my freshmen friends to come hang out on Saturday as I can.

I'm getting pretty hungry. I wish someone were here to make some Hamburger Helper for me right now.

I've been hanging out with my friends from work lately. It's refreshing to realize that the Board isn't the only group of amazing people out there.

I'm not sure I entirely like Ocean's 12. I missed the idea of each of them contributing something the others couldn't. I really would have liked to see Bernie Mac's character do more.

My friend Wicket up and moved to New Mexico without telling anybody. I sure miss that guy. Meanwhile, I haven't heard from my friend Brad since my birthday. I realize I could always re-establish contact, but I'm worried about what I might learn. Especially since I got what might be a suicide note from him shortly before he disappeared. Something is telling me that I just don't want to know. I still haven't mailed his Christmas present, either, so maybe it's just guilt.

Gravy told me the other day that he wants to make sure he lives somewhere in the western United States when he gets older so that he'll still be close to me, so we can go hang out and stuff. That's really awesome. I forget sometimes how much the Board hates him. He really isn't crazy; he's just rash and thoughtless. Just sickeningly yellow with a bright red stripe. Anyway, I guess I do the same sorts of things, which might explain why we're friends.

Valentine's day was a non-issue for me.

My co-worker, Erin, has agreed to take my shift at work on Saturday so I can hang out with my brother. It's really hard for me to imagine why she would do that. She has two kids, and is just very great. Thank you, Erin. Your benevolence astounds me.

My friend Rhett makes me laugh. He's so hilarious. You should meet him.

My brother is getting married in the chapel. Sad. I guess his branch president doesn't feel like his fiancee is ready, since she's only recently come back to the church. I'm nervous for them, especially with the 100% divorce rate among my parents and their immediate families. As in my parents, their siblings, and their parents have all been divorced at least once. Hopefully that won't be passed on to their kids.

Recent discussions about whether I'm evil have had me thinking. But I've since come to just laugh about that. There's no way I could be evil, since I'm so freaking happy all the time. Wickedness never was happiness, right? Now if we want to talk about whether I'm irresponsible or maybe even crazy, you might be able to build a case.

Dinner on Sunday was delightful. The food was excellent and the conversation was worthy of it. I have borrowed "The Princess and The Goblin" from my friend Jenny. So far it's great.

Wiggle just told me I look so adorable.

I love my rock collection. Can I just say that? I think it's really great. Sometimes I take it out and look at it.

I am on the verge of writing a poem called "Eve, Inconsiderate," about how I feel about women. That will answer some of your questions. Did you notice the play on words?

I've heard about these Chocolate Lucky Charms. I'm a bit afraid.

While many people have told me I have too many opinions, Asmond is always there to back me up. I really love that. He is such a high-quality person. Go read his blog. It's beautiful. On the other hand, J is still grounded for never hanging out with me.

I was in the Herald last Wednesday. One friend actually read it on his own and then said something to me about it. Now he tells everyone I'm a celebrity. Maybe it's true.

I sent a funny note to Crazy Republican Katie at church on Sunday. I'll be working during the ward Valentine's Day dodge ball single-elimination tournament.

I'm totally craving Chik-fil-A. I need to cash some paychecks.

It snowed last night. I hate that. If you know me, you already know that I hate it.

I am currently looking at the can of mushroom gravy I was left as a tip. Gravy actually called in a pretense of anger, demanding I return it to him and inquiring as to why I took it in the first place. He's such an alien, I swear.

I'll be making a trip to the BYUSA offices soon, but not for any naughty reasons. I just need to figure out where they are. I wonder if it's the same place where Benvolio works. I get so confused about BYU.

In less than two weeks I will be camping on the beach! Hooray! And with that, my friends, I take my leave. Tune in next time. Same smurf time. Same smurf channel.


emily sonntag said...

I'm still waiting on my Christmas 2003 present from my little bro. It's only made it to SLC, so far. I eagerly anticipate.

Asmond said...

Thanks for the compliment mate. It means a lot, and I only back up the ideas that are right...from my point of view.

Christmas Smurf said...

You bet, bud. But I actually meant that you just defend my right to HAVE opinions, not the opinions themselves. That means even more to me. I'm just glad you seem to see opinions as virtues.

Julie said...

Hitler: evil. Stalin: evil.... (I'm a little rusty on history) You: I'm sure even if you murdered someone you wouldn't be evil. The end.

eleka nahmen said...

Hmm.. pretty sure you aren't *evil* per se. An evil smurf? You're just too blasted happy to be thus! Mischievous, flippant, snappy, perhaps irreverant at times - definately. But evil? Certainly not.

Wiggle said...

Can I just say that you really have a knack for writing? I love the randomness of this post and I admire your talent. I also think you are a good person… some of the time. :p

I also hate the person who called you evil. How dare that person hurt one of my friends!!!! Werf doesn’t KNOW you! And werf sure as heck doesn’t KNOW me!! If only I could, I would give werf a piece of my mind! Aarrrr!!! Snort (angrily)!

P.S. I realize I might be overreacting but I am very protective of my friends. The End.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm a little slow. I don't get the play on words...Even Considerate?