Monday, February 28, 2005

Thanks for Perverting my Metaphor

This is a rough draft of a poem I just wrote. It's dedicated to Eleka Nahmen, to whom the title refers (though definitely not the rest of the poem).

Thanks for Perverting my Metaphor

She brought a plate of sugar cookies by
As silver glint shone in my lidless eye
She left them on the table just for him
I chased the lure as fast as I could swim
She then continued on her cookie route
As I became aware of other trout
She left each boy a dozen and a hug
We swam in close to bite the shiny bug
He ran outside and passed the men's dumb fight
Outswimming all I took the winning bite
He tracked her down and took her by the hand
While unseen wire whisked me away to land
He swore his love would never part till death
My lure had left me here with bated breath
When both our sorry tales have been recounted
The two of us are cleaned up, stuffed and... mounted?

--Poet Smurf


Anonymous said...

That poem made me laugh so much! Thanks - Mustard

eleka nahmen said...

Smurfer, that's so awesome :D I'm very much a fan.

Wiggle said...

I liked it. I laughed and cried...ok, I didn't cry but I sure did laugh. :P