Monday, April 18, 2005

Appliance Healers

Pinetree made me a cool cd. I love it. I was trying to show Wiggle the Twelve Girl Band cover of "Clocks," so I popped the cd into Toasteroven's laptop. It played for a bit, but then it went all crazy. The cd got stuck in the computer and wouldn't play. When Toasteroven tried to open it, the face of the disk drive popped off. It made me really sad. Primarily, I was sad because the computer was broken and it was my awesome cd that had done it. Secondarily, I was sad that my cd was still in there, because it was such an awesome cd, and this meant I couldn't listen anymore.

I told Pinetree how mad I was at the computer for breaking. He told me I should kick it. You shouldn't tell me these things. So, without even getting up from my chair, I reached my foot up (I'm ridiculously, freakishly limber) and gave the computer a light tap with my foot. The cd ejected right away. Pinetree, you're a freaking genius. Toasteroven, sorry I kicked your computer. Pinetree made me.


Kelsey said...

The 12 Girls Band has some good stuff! I really like their song "Horse Racing."

The Confessor said...

Ha. That sounds like something I would do, bro.

eleka nahmen said...

Hey Smurfer, the Silver Tongued Goddess loves your blog (STG is pretty much the only purple that I like). She keeps telling me how funny it is. Feel honored - she's very discriminating in her tase :) (Love ya, Ab).