Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bob Ross Russ Rose

"Gay is the new pink."

A girl said that in my dream last night, regarding the new positive regard (and even trendiness) which popular society holds for homosexuals. I don't know if that's as funny when it's not a dream, but it sure cracked me up.

I got a job. Los Hermanos again. I start Monday or so, I think. I'm really glad I don't have to wait to take the server test. So soon I'll be back serving tables, which I absolutely love.

Seriously, fans of music, check out pandora.com. The folks there did something they call the Music Genome project. They took music and analyzed it for its different attributes, and put all the information into a huge database. Then they created Pandora, which is designed to help you to find new music that you will like because of its similarities to what you already like. You go there and you type in the name of a song or a band that you like and it will begin streaming music like a radio station. It's truly amazing. I love almost everything that comes up. And if you dislike something, you just tell it and it will skip it. On Sunday I typed in Mormon Tabernacle Choir and was delighted when it started playing hymns, spirituals, and folk sings all morning. And the rest of the week I just type in a song that fits my current mood and they will play tons of music in that exact same mood. I know pandora.com is true with all the fiber in my beans.

I talked to the Bish about the Rose sitch. He was surprised to hear an old familiar name. He said that he and Rose and my previous bishop had had a special meeting once and confronted her with her roommates' allegations that she was a man. She was unable to refute the claims, but they were unable to prove it, and as she vehemently denied the charges, they let the matter go. The bishop was most interested in the tangible evidence I'd brought (namely, a photocopy of her driver license and her immigration papers), and asked if he could keep them to bring them to the stake president, who'd reportedly been right in the thick of the whole scandal when Rose was living here. So I don't need to worry about it any more, and Bish said the evidence was exactly what they'd been waiting for. So we'll see what happens next. There will doubtless be a mess, but hopefully I'll be a few steps removed from it. D and Wiggle are afraid that if Rose is confronted with the evidence, she may put two and two together and come blaming them, since it was their basement where the documents were stored when Heather Angela Hawks rifled through the boxes and scanned everything.

N is moving here this week. I am so friggin' excited. Lad is coming in two days as well. Wiggle and I are going to see Guster in Section 6, row 1, seats 17 and 18, when they come to town on March 30. Woo-hoo.

24 was SO good last night. SO good. Jack Bauer is the man.

And my little brother Rusty got photoshop, and this is his new picture, which I think is hilarious. This kid had the Bob Ross painting instruction kit when we were little and LOVED to watch the show. I know he's white, but really, he's my full brother. Promise.

Oh, and happy Valentine's day, I guess. This seems like a non-event to me, more than ever this year. Oh well. I have been invited to do things with two different Connies, which is SUPER weird because that's my mom's name, and I am named after my dad. I don't know if I'd be comfortable with either, so I haven't responded yet. We'll see what happens.



вџн said...

"Gay is the new pink."

I'm going to use that line somewhere.

el veneno said...

Pandora rocks! Thanks for giving me yet another time-wasting outlet.

Vero Awesome said...

I do SO love you. And I'm going to make a shirt that says "Gay is the new pink." I'm sure I shall make millions, and you'll probably want at least 15%. That's okay though because we'll probably get married anyway. Speaking of which, how do you feel about getting a job working in beautiful Vail at no cost to you? Hmm? Call me!
Also, tell your bro he rocks.

Elbow said...

Thanks for the Pandora site, it is a great thing to have on any computer.
I also wanted to say that the story about Rose is brilliant. I had to get caught up so I read the earlier entries about her. So funny. That seriously needs to be a book.
Anyway, you're great.

Sara Bear said...

I kinda like,

Faith in Christ is the new pink.

but it probably wouldn't sell as well.

Mustard said...

Thought for the Today: "The passion for setting people right is in itself an afflictive disease." - Marianne Moore, American poet (1887-1972)

Given said...

Smurf, I have the most important assignment for you. My birthday is March 14th. You must, must send me a compilation of the stories from the book of Rose. I tried to explain it to some folks here, but I´m loosing my touch. I´m loosing the essence of the awfulness that is Rose. I told some folks early on when I was here and it was fantastic, even got to use my `just less than crocadile dundee sure´line. It was a fantastic story. Please write up the story of Rose and mail it to me for my birthday. Please! Love you all.

Christmas Smurf said...

Mustard, seriously, you're just annoying me at this point. Not that I mind your trying to set me straight. It's the inherent hypocracy involved when you try to tell me I shouldn't. Go away.

Bradley said...

Okay, so I am totally lost on this whole Rose thing but I am TOTALLY in awe of the insanity of your life---

I'd totally want to be you except my apartment is cleaner. Although my roommates suck except for one of them. So I guess it balances out since yours are nice.

Sucks to be me! again!

"Gay is the new pink"---LOL. I love it! That is so embarrassingly wonderful...

Toasteroven said...

Smurf, that quote could have been just to say remember that it's difficult to live the bluish kind of life.

However, you know her much better than I do, so I won't disagree with the reply "it's possible, but that's not why she's saying it."

morningglow said...

from what I hear, you and I would get along very well.

Vero Awesome said...

Hey, does your mom have a blog, and if so is it named after a condiment??? O holy crap how cool your family is!!!

Mustard said...

Vero, Yes she does. And yes it is. And you must not know us very well. - Mustard