Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Toast

Well, thanks everyone for that little discussion. And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

I'd like to propose a toast. Lots of things make me happy, so here's to them.

To n, on her decision to move back to Utah for the sole purpose of being closer to me.

To Wiggle, and to 3:00 a.m. spur-of-the-moment trips to Park City.

To Mario and Silvia, the couple we brought into the church in Chile, upon the recent news that they got sealed in the temple.

To Jonathan and Topsie, whose wedding in fourteen days should prove to be the first happy one I've been affiliated with since my brother's.

To Jessica, for bringing me grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and chocolate money when I was in the depths of my illness.

To, for being the best music website I have ever seen.

To Hero, on his brand new engagement.

To a certain string-puller who got me eleven straight weeks of efy this summer so I won't have to pay rent. Yeah, that's supposed to remain a secret.

To the Lad, whose visit to Utah grows closer with each passing day.

To an anonymous goat on Myspace who informed me that Guster is coming and that tickets go on sale today.

To my cold, which is a great excuse for having not been out on a date this weekend.

To all the rest of my friends, for good times, lively discussions, and interesting stories.

Love you all.

I leave you with a little game I like to play called Gaydar. See if you can guess which of these two guys is a homosexual. I'll post the answer tomorrow. Enjoy.


Asmond said...

Wait...those are both Guys? Wow..I pegged them both at Female.

rusty said...

The second one! The second one!

Christmas Smurf said...

Asmond nailed it.



Mustard said...

I toast to those things, too!

Dice said...

Robbie you are truely delicious and I thank you for worrying and caring like a real friend. You are the best... ps, I have good times too, I promise to write my next blog and make it jammed packed with joyous life!!

Toasteroven said...


The top one, I mean. SO looks like a guy. I bet if she didn't have a lezzy haircut she'd still look like one. *shudder*

I like to think I'm more tolerant than most men, but I believe women should look like women, not men. That's the one thing I can't handle.

Sara Bear said...

I'm glad my wedding will be a happy one for you.

I think it will be the happiest one in the history of all weddings, ever!!!

I'm so excited!

Vero Awesome said...

I think they're both gay, but they're both women, right?

Bradley said...

I think they're both HOTT ... What are their digits???