Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Old Blog

I have decided to go back and do a more readable version of this blog. I'm starting at the beginning, editing type-os, adding new perspectives on old stories, slipping pictures in there for illustration's sake. I'm leaving out the lists and the self-references, changing people's names to their real names where I can remember who I was talking about, and trying to increase the over-all enjoyability of the blog for people who are not me. This blog will stay here, but I will be directing people to the other one in the future. You can find it at "The brainy poet corner" is an anagram for "Robert Anthony Pierce," as I've previously hinted. Anyway, I just finished souping up the first two posts on it, the first of which is a combination of the two oldest posts on this blog that really tell one humorous story, and the second of which is an extensively re-worked retelling of why I quit my once-upon-a-time job at Tahitian Noni International. I hope you enjoy then either for the first time, or thaht you enjoy the improvements.


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