Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Easter Eggs

I know it's June already, so here's everything I've done all rapid-fire:

I went to Hero's wedding. Very posh.

Went hiking in Bryce and Grand canyons with the roommies. Astounding. Can't wait to get my pictures developed. Hurt my ankle and prevented us from getting to the bottom, which was way depressing.

Moved. I live with Pinetree and Chris and a kid named Nate and a loveable Spaniard who drives me nuts sometimes but I like him anyway.

Saw Heather Angela Hawks and her husband.

Hung out with all kinds of friends from back home, most notably Carrot.

Got into Fiddler on the Roof in the ensemble with Pinetree and Robb. It seems way fun, but the practice schedule might be too demanding.

Have an interview Thursday for a manager position at the restaurant where I work. That would be a major blessing.

Had my youngest brother come and stay for a few days, which was taxing. He reports that I'm old now, and that I care about things like "other people" and "not getting arrested." Well, it's not so much that as I was just worn out. I love that kid, but I have NO IDEA how to actually talk to him.

Joined a book club with Alecia, Pinetree, Garrett, Blueshorts, and some friends from work. We are starting with "Black Like Me," a non-fiction book about an investigative reporter in the 1950s who dyed his skin black and went about the south recording the differences in how he was treated. My month we'll be reading "The Things They Carried," a fantastic comprehensive novel about Viet Nam soldiers.

Got addicted to "Lost" and have now seen every episode in order with all our buddies except for the last four, which I'm sure we'll watch before too long.

Spoke in church and taught Sunday School and then got called as a district leader in the elders' quorum.

Ok, there were two more things I want to report, which are the Easter Egg Hunt (which was actually quite a while ago) and the Water Balloon War, but those will have to wait until next time, merely because I think I actually have some fodder there for writing.


el veneno said...

Hey, good to have an update. I read "the things they carried" again last summer. I love that book (and have a copy if you need to borrow). I have the first season of Lost on order with a free Blockbuster online trial thing... I think it might come today. I'm getting ready to be addicted.
Mafia and whatever else we played was sweet and my friend loved you so we'll have to do it again sometime soon.
Luck on the management spot.

Sara Bear said...

I have a harner in the garden listening for the peas.

Jon was supposed to tell you that on the phone but I'm not sure if he ever did.

Good luck with your manager job. I'm applying for this job but I'm not sure if they'll be convinced that I'm qualified.

I'll pray for both of our jobs. :)

So, have fun.

вџн said...

..but it does seem like you're more concerned about 'other people' and 'not getting arrested' recently - which is fine, I just hope you're a still planning on doing mischievous improv somewhere.

You must spread the good dirt. Pretend like you never saw that church-ad with the hands waiting to grab ahold of the filthy mess (oil and grease).