Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Few Things.

Here are some vignettes from my recent experiences.

Sunday night a ton of us decided to go to a bonfire in Diamond Fork Canyon. We met at Betty's house. Then we had to make a few stops and we were to meet at a Chevron station in Spanish Fork or some place. Betty's car wasn't at the Chevron when we pulled in, but Rachel's was. Rachel informed us that Betty was arrested on the way for speeding. We waited around for a very long time for them to bail her out ($207!), and by the time she got there, we decided to just go home. Sorry, Betty.

Pinetree decided he wanted to still make the s'mores when we got back from our hour and a half in the Chevron parking lot, so he and the Blagmeister used the rose-scented Saint candle Eleka and I had bought to bless our Mexican food a few days ago. In the words of one who was there, "These s'mores taste like the virgin Guadalupe."

I waited on a table of four grown-up men from the BYU faculty the other day. They were all adorned in their BYU faculty jackets and shirts. When I approached the table, I heard them talking about breast implants and laughing uproariously. During the course of the meal, their sophomoric conversation included laughter about their farts, semen, and getting their penes (which they lovingly called their "weezers") stuck in things. I was really nonplused. As they left, I noticed the backs of their shirts. "BYU Athletics Department." Ooooohhhh. Duh.

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BamaBeau said...

Smurf, your life really is an episode from some sitcom, and I love it. Oh, and that whole athletics thing reminded me that I hate sports.