Saturday, May 07, 2005

Old Hat New Hat

Ronnie and Chris and I went to Saver's today to buy hats for work tonight ("these clothes smell like grandmas"). I bought four hats:

1. I found a hat that says "Napa." It matches my Napa high sweatshirt perfectly!

2: I got an emerald green hard hat.

3: A turban. We even bought a matching jewel to clip onto the front. I'm going to wear it to work tonight.

4: A baseball cap with my first and last name on it and an Indian in a loincloth with a saw. "Smurf's Cabinetry," it says. only not smurf, but my actual full name. Oh, oh. The sweetest thing.

Anyway, tonight's challenge is to use a line from "Man of the House" during an awkward moment in a conversation tonight. Here is the line: "Well, that plane just crashed into the side of the mountain. Call off the search party. There were no survivors." Though I personally prefer a different line from that movie, which only works in a high Spanish accent: "Pull over! I have to have my baby in America!" Don't see that movie, folks.

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