Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mmm, I Get High with a Little Help from my Friends

(you have to read this whole post in a super fast, no breaths Micromachine Guy voice if you want to know how it sounded in my head.)

I accidentally left my leather jacket at Mike's house during the nacho party. And I let Vero Awesome keep wearing the trench coat after our date. So I ended up unable to a) find my coats or b) remember that I'd left them places last night when we were getting ready to go play Speed Scrabble at my friend Squeaker's house last night. So I decided to just go without it, since Wiggle was waiting downstairs for me and the roommate I don't really have a name for on my blog yet, so let's call him Sharkbite arbitrarily.

I figured we'd be in the house or the car the whole evening anyway, so no big whoop, right? Besides it's not like I forgot to bring Scrabble, like SOME people (ahemwigglecough).

So after six games of Catchphrase (My partnership won five of six games, though we kept switching teams), we headed back home. We dropped off Sharkbite and I decided to go with Wiggle to her house to watch the next two DVDs of Lost that she checked out at Hollywood. Well, Wiggle decided to go to bed early like a kindergarten baby, but I won't be able to watch with her any other night before they're due because of Evergreen (gonna try it again tonight), my home teachers coming, the date with Kelly, and the efy Christmas party this week. So Bekachu and I stayed up and finished them by ourselves, while itty-bitty baby Wiggie went sleepy-bye. Ok, so it was mostly my suggestion that she do so, I'll admit it.

Anyway, when it was over, I realized that it was now about 4:30 a.m. and I had to get myself the four blocks home without a jacket. I concocted a plan with Bekachu. I decided to run all the way home and then call her when I got there. If I hadn't called by the time fifteen minutes had passed, she was to wake up Wiggle and come in search of me in the car. I didn't know if you could die from just being out in the cold, but I was pretty sure you could because of that old guy on Groundhog's Day that Phil can't save, no matter what he does. I could just see myself face down and frozen solid, wedged into one of those stupid exposed gutters that people are always driving into around here.

Anyway, I made it home alive. Barely.

I have had asthma attacks intermittently my whole life. Usually every five years or so. In fact, just the other week I was wondering if I weren't due for another. Well, turns out I must have been.

When I came into the apartment, I was wheezing so badly I just collapsed onto the floor and lay still for as long as I could. My breathing and heart rates were exorbitantly high. Luckily I had collapsed near a computer, so in my panicked but dazed state I signed on to MSN messenger. Topsie was on, and it sounds like she's going to have a ridiculous day of finals and her sister's wedding, after no sleep at all last night. Poor girl. You're in my prayers. Anyway, I wasn't typing much because I could hardly breathe, and moving my fingers a lot was out of the question. Plus I kept vomiting into the trash, which sure wasn't helping anything.

I guess I got the message across, though, because she came back and said she'd prayed for me. Right after that, Pinetree signed on. I splained to him what was happening, an he said he had some Albuterol, and would bring it right over. That was great, since that was my prescription way back in the day.

About five minutes later he was administering it, and I felt my lungs and bronchi clear up immedately. The only problem was that that stuff comes with several possible side effects, according to Medline Plus Drug info. I have all of these (there are others listed):

  • tremor
  • nervousness
  • shakiness
  • dizziness
  • excitement
  • headache
  • difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • rapid, pounding, or irregular heartbeat
So basically I'm high out of my mind and agitated and can't sleep. I got the munchies as soon as I'd taken the meds, and ended up eating all the rest of my sandwich fixings. And I didn't know what to do after that. So I thought I'd blog. But I also want to say muchisimas gracias to Topsie and Pinetree, for saving me a trip to the hospital. Love you both tons. Now I think I'm gonna go jump on my bed, and then Asmond's, and see which one has the better mattress. Yeah, that sounds like fun. All my thoughts in my head are coming super fast like Hogarth in the Iron Giant when he drinks his first cup of coffee. I gotta get out of here. Okay bye. Byebyebyebyebyebyebyebyebyebye I just wanted to do that.


el veneno said...

Glad you survived that one. I kept thinking about the asthma attack in The Motorcycle Diaries which looked pretty painful. If you haven't seen that movie, you should cause it shows southern chile.
So how'd evergreen go?

Dice said...

Oh my, are you serious about life. First of all, I'm glad you're still here to grace us with that wonderful story... Second, Robbie I just found out I have asthma!!! Stupid doctors told me I was making it up in high school come to find out that I really do have it!!! And I take albuterol.... ANNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDD I have all of the side effects to, except I don't know what tremor is..... Holy coW!!!! I didn't even know that it had all those side effects, but that explains some things and mysterys. Because of it i'm pretty sure I'm addicted to sleeping pills, even worse, two kinds!!!!

Sara Bear said...

wow! I had no idea that I was in a story when this all happened. My finals went fabulously and my dear sister is happily married and on her honeymoon. (I'm so next!). I totally had no sleep that night, though, and I totally prayed saying "please bless guido lewamba to feel better and to stop barfing" then I realized what I said but didn't sorrect myself because He knew what I meant. He probably thinks we're really funny down here with all our stories. I'm glad I could help you out, friend, and thank you for your prayer in return. Peace.