Monday, December 12, 2005

Sunday Stuff

Church was ridiculously good today. And I mean ridiculous. First of all, somebody decided to bake muffins for sacrament meeting, so I grabbed a couple in the foyer before walking in. They were delicious. When Kelly saw me she ran up and hugged me. She is a returned missionary (served in Madagascar of all places!) and she is the co-chair of the activities comittee of which I'm a member. What's funny about this is that Friday Berta dropped in, and well, this is how the conversation went:

"Hey, I heard you have a girlfriend!"

"Actually, no. We broke up on Wednesday."

"Oh, I'm sorry! [pause] But that means you're single again!" [Drapes legs over mine].

[laughs] "Yeah., I guess so."

"Oh! You know who has a crush on you? Kelly from the ward."

~flashback to two days earlier, conversation with Purple Brad~

"So you guys broke up, huh?"

"Yeah, but I think it's ok. In fact, I think I might ask out Kelly from the ward next weekend."

~flash forward back to Berta on Friday~

"Wow, that's incredible! I was just telling my roommate Brad that I wanted to ask her out!"

"Well, you should. Last week she turned to me and said, 'I could totally date him,' and I said 'Oh, I think he's dating someone.'"

"Sweet. I definitely will ask her out."

"Okay, but you can't tell her that I told you that unless you two end up married some day."

~Flash forward to today, right after getting hugged by Kelly~

"So, are you still dating that girl?"

"No, we broke up."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"No, it's okay. It was actually a really good breakup. She ended it, but she said she'd prayed about it, and when she said that I could tell that she was right, that it just wasn't meant to be."

"Oh, well that's good. I like your sweater."

"Thanks, my friend Chris gave it to me."

"I just love old vintage sweaters."

"So do I."

"We should go to Savers some time and go shopping for them."

"How about Friday?"

"That would be great!"

"Awesome. Make it a date? And go do something else after?"

"Yeah, that sounds like fun!"

"Cool, I'm excited."


Kelly returned to her seat, where she was sandwiched by her roommates.

I found my friend Kenny and sat with him next to Amber and Stephanie, my home teachees. The choir sang two songs, and it was funny because when I went up to sing with them, I ended up in the middle (the perks of being the tallest in the choir), so our director Jake's head was obstructing my view of only one person: the Neverbird. Not that I minded seeing her, but it was good to be able to sing without looking at her. Anyway, there were some talks on having the image of Christ in your countenance. A kid in the ward named Gavin spoke last, and he talked about how he could look out at the congregation and see the light of Christ in people's eyes. Then he said, "I don't wan to include or exclude anyone, but I do want to mention a few specific examples." Then he mentioned Kenny, and the great testimony he bore last week. Then he mentioned the ward greeter, megan. And then he started talking about me, and said he didn't really hang out with me on weekends, but that he'd always felt the love of Christ in me and my smile whenever he saw me, and that he's since come to learn that I have a strong testimony and that he could tell I don't cast my pearls before swine, but I still share my beliefs with those around me." I couldn't help but smile, because Gavin himself is one in whom the light of Christ shines. It was a bit embarassing, and really ridiculous, but it made my day to know that people see me the way I always wish I were seen.

Elders' quorum was great because we talked about the nature and conception of evil, and it was taught by Bro. Giauque, one of the ward old guys. It was a profound and interesting lesson. I went to Gospel Essentials, where Karan, our Indian friend from downstairs was. We talked about the Holy Ghost. When he was asked to introduce himself in elders' quorum, he stood up and talked about how at church he had felt at home for the first time since he'd left India, and that he felt he should tell us all about how welcome everyone in the ward had made him feel. He came with us to Salt Lake City to see the temple lights tonight. I think we are making great progress with him, getting him to come to the gospel.

Rob and I went home teaching after church. First we got Jeremy, who is a really great guy. he lives with Rob, actually, and the two are best friends. He was sick and asked for a blessing for health and for clarity of mind, and I was able to tell him some things that I've never felt inspired to say in a blessing before. Then we went over to Amber and Stephanie's. The four of us joked and talked and laughed, and then we had Rob's lesson, which was great, and then before we left I told them that I hoped they knew how much Heavenly Father loves them, and that every time I saw either or both of them, I could feel that love that he had, and that he wanted the best for them, and that they should never think they deserve less. The spirit was strong there the whole time, and it was great. I love home teaching these guys, and Rob and I have a great rapport. He is also an English major, and he revealed today that he plans to transfer to Harvard. I think that's great.

Then it was off to Mike's nachos party. The nachos were first rate, and the conversation was great, too. I made friends with some kids I'd only really known in passing. One of them, my new friend Garrett, mentioned that he had been to the fireside I gave a few weeks ago, and his friend Chris said that Garrett had even blogged about it. I tried to Google that blog tonight, but I couldn't find it. Anyway, after that we went with the ward up to the temple in SLC, and I rode in Gavin's car, and we also had Tony and a different Rob, and Ben. Those guys are all really funny. Wwe walked around up there, and looked at the lights. I wandered around with Jake and Megan and a kid named Willis, who is getting ready to go on a mission. I was glad to be hanging out with him; he's a smart kid. Near the end of the evening, Rob II and I ended up cornered by some sister missionaries, and I was afraid, because usually those ladies trick me into giving them their phone numbers and telling me they'll call me at home after I've been given the chance to think of some names of some people to whom I'd like to send the missionaries. And then they call EVERY Wednesday morning, and don't leave me alone. And I mean, I had the only person I know who isn't already LDS with me at the temple that evening. So I was a bit worried that they'd start putting the pressure on. Amazingly, though, the sister missionary who focused her attentions on me asked about my own goals, and then shared an awesome scripture that helped me to see how I can work toward them. All in all, the discussion we had was uplifting and positive, and I really enjoyed it. Then we came home and I slept. I'd only gotten in three hours of sleep the night before. And now I'm awake again, and blogging.

Everything has been so spiritual lately. I don't know if you can tell that from what I've written here, but I feel so directed in everything I do lately. I love life. I fasted yesterday, which I know I'm not supposed to do for health reasons, but I was doing it for a friend and a verygood cause. The blessing for which we'd fasted came about that same day, and I felt no ill effects of the abstenance from food. There's so much joy around here. I hope everybody has a merry Christmas, and can find some gift to give to Christ for his birthday.


el veneno said...

A great sunday. Sounds like you know how to make great days for yourself--a good talent to have.
Way to be on the rolling out of one relationship right into new possibilities. I always give myself a few mandatory weeks of mourning that never quite seem to end. So much better to just keep on trucking.

Chris said...

Now that is one exciting day. Holy moly. I'm glad you're friends with Berta, and I'm excited to hear about Kelly. You can't let the effect of having recently dated someone wear off. Good work meu amigo.

Asmond said...

Who were you fasting for?

Anonymous said...

Well, my friend, I'm a little sad that your progress with the Neverbird was curbed, but I'm glad that you feel it is the right thing and that you are happy. I hope that things go well with Kelly. That's a good green, you know? I relieve you temporarily of the pressure to catch up with Jonathan and I in life's progress. But, if things go well, we'll expet a reveival of the pestering.

вџн said...

One word: Zen.

JB said...

Glad to hear you had such a great Sunday! Also, I'm trying to think of a present to get Christ for his birthday, but what do you get a diety?!

JB said...

I have it on good authority that Christ doesn't want any gifts this year.

Christmas Smurf said...

"Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the bleast of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."