Monday, September 12, 2005


I feel so connected to things right now. I think that waking early is like an anti-drug. Life seems suddenly more boring and you get more done and you feel more acutely connected to your surroundings.

My plan to stay awake all the way around the clock to fix my sleep schedule worked. The past four days in a row I've been up before eight o'clock. This morning I awoke naturally and rested at six thirty. I wrote some letters, read my novel, decided that it's a little bit uninteresting to sit there on the couch while my roommate s paraded by in succession, leaving in an order that mostly indicates who's slept through the most classes.

It's starting to feel like autumn. "Autumn" is the word that disqualified me from the fifth-grade county spelling bee. I remembered that stupid silent "n," but capitalized the "A." I almost made that same mistake just now, too. What a gyp.

It's starting to feel like fall. I know it's summer for another ten days, but--

Crap! It's the twelfth! I forgot to go to court this morning. There I was lounging about and I totally forgot I was supposed to go in. I wonder what happens now. Whether they just fine me and I don't get to plead my case or whether they now put out a warrant or what. I'll have to look into that. I need to re-establish my secretarial relations with Jenny.

It's Jenny's birthday today. I am going to go to her party after FHE tonight.

I wish I had a bright scarf and a big coat to wear outside right now. I seriously feel so alive!

Why is it that all the interesting things happen at night? Last night I retired at about ten o'clock, after practice for Latter-Day Sounds. At midnight I was awakened by a call from Racherella, who informed me that I was going to Beto's with her, Veronica, Chris, Pinetree, and the Ring Bearer. That was great fun. Pinetree is supposed to report all the funny things Racherella was saying, but if he forgets, I'll do it. I hope my blog isn't just turning into a shopping list of all the things that I do. I'm just too happy to be introspective right now.

I'm off. I can bear it no longer. I must go play outside. And then return and write some happy poetry. Goodbye, all.


Given said...

I recall a conversation Allison Shratter and I had in 10th grade English class about Fall. The day's are perfect when there's that smell of drying leaves in the air, the temperature is just light jacket, and the sky is so blue it's sharp and almost, just almost, it hurts. Man, I'm going to miss it.

Toasteroven said...

Friends with late schedules make it reallly hard to start doing that. I'm impressed that you are getting up early and crap. It's so dang amazing how much you get done and then "WOW. It's only 5!" And then you can party, but then you have to go to bed at 11 or 12 'cuz you're tired. And if you just ignore it you a. ruin your sleep schedule again and b. you don't have as much fun 'cuz you aren't aware and you don't remember. *sigh*

el veneno said...

Toasteroven is right about the late night problems that come as a result of waking up early, but I think its worth it for that feeling of being better than everyone else you get when you know you're all showered and working while everyone else is soaking their pillow with drool.
I love autumn and can't wait for it to really get here.Fall is probably the season that treats Utah the best cause the mountians change colors and the air gets crisp and it just kind of invites you to go read a book on a bench and campus and try to keep the pages from blowing shut. Last night was a great preview. I wore my favorite knit beanie to ward prayer to celebrate