Sunday, October 30, 2005

Smurf Needs

So the game is you type in your name with "needs" and quotes around the whole thing and then you copy and paste what comes up on the first twenty or so results. I did it with my real name on my other blog where I use my real name, and here I'll do it with "Smurf" so you can see how it works. I like it.

Dr. Smurf needs to heal my tight end's foot, so he plays Sunday.

Smurf needs your help!!

A baby dragon has an isatiable appetite for the glowberries Papa Smurf needs for his invisibility formula.

The smurf needs such a mask as the beekeepers have.

smurf needs assistance

If a smurf needs blood, call me, 'cause I bleed blue.

Smurf needs a place to work.

SMURF needs financial

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