Monday, January 10, 2005

Dude, Where's My Job?

Well, I woke up a bit late today, but that was all right because I'm off work until Wednesday. I did some stuff, and then around 1:00 I got a call from work. They wanted me to come in and work untill 4. I said I would be there in a while. Then I lollygagged and painted monkeys for about an hour and finally went in. When I got there, my big brassy sassy manager was giving me this look that you can only give if you are a black woman or have extra joints in your neck.

I decided I'd better say something. "What?" I said with a level of attitude intended to match hers. I didn't come even close.

"Where have you been?" I think she has a ball and socket in there.

"Sorry," I said, with ostensible sheepishness. "--"

Yeah, that's as far as I got. "Sorry!? I hope you were in the back of an ambulance or something! You better have REAL good story about why you missed the first two and a half hours of your shift!"

Luckily, I'm pretty good at math. "Wait a minute. I only got the call an hour and a half ago."

"Yeah, and you were supposed to be here an hour before THAT."


Soon she had me convinced. I had actually been scheduled to work this morning, and must have written down my schedule incorrectly.

After the tongue-scourging, she made me sign a probationary form. This was a piece of paper that informed me that should I be more than five minutes during the next thirty days, they can fire me. I assume it meant five minutes late, but I didn't want to press my luck by asking. It made me sad to fill out the form, but I'm sure I can be on time for a month. I made a whopping six dollars in tips after that, but after a while I was done and as I was leaving to come home, my boss told me she still liked me anyway, and just had to give me the sass because it's part of her job. That was nice.

Anyway, I conducted FHE tonight since they're redoing the groups, so I just decided to do my own thing with the few people I have met in the new ward. We played do you love your neighbor. Which was fun.

At least, it was fun until I got a phone call from work, asking me why I wasn't there for my second shift. Um, whoops. I guess I forgot to check before I left. Who knows what will happen next? That wasn't exactly the best feeling, you know? I keep meaning to ask Toasteroven and Pa Grape for a blessing. I don't know why I thought I could start school without one. Anyway, if you readers out there care at all, send a prayer for my job up to Heaven along with all your own problems, please. I'll need a bunch, I think.


Bored Engineer said...

Wow, good luck. I'll start praying for you.

CGNU Grad said...

Wow...two shifts in one day? And late for both?? Oooh...I thought I was having a tough start of classes! Well, you should just ask Pa Grape next time you and Toasteroven are around. I'm sure he'd love to assist. He's really good about stuff like that...

Oh yeah, I'll toss you name His way...see what He can do for ya.

erin said...

Is this a new template? It's tripping me out 'cause it looks just like mine. Love the names for the writers' took me a minute to find mine because I don't really like to categorize myself as "the boss". When that title changes, what are you going to put then, eh? :)

I was just going to say, even though I'm sorry that you missed your shifts, your stories do provide an excellent source of entertainment.

azurerocket said...

I forgot how to play "do you love your neighbor". Only vague memories or a circle of people from high school. Refresher, anyone? I used to know all sorts of great party games. Not so anymore.

Christmas Smurf said...

Well, everyone sits in a circle with one person standing in the middle. The person picks someone and asks, "Do you love your neighbor?" If they say yes, then the people on either side have to switch seats. If they say no, then they specify whom they DO love, eg. "But I Do love people with brown hair." The all those specified have to switch seats. Meanwhile the person in the middle tries to steal a seat. Whoever is left standing has to be "it."

azurerocket said...

Oh yeah,
That's a fun one. At some relief society function recently, they set up a game where you stole chocolate from each other if you fit each description that was read. One of them was, "if you hate chocolate".