Saturday, January 08, 2005

Smurfs are Blue

Well, I haven't answered a single question since the Board went down. And I haven't updated my blog. And I wasn't really going to until the Board was back up. But today I read Still Struggling's post about becoming addicted to our blogs, so I guess I'd better put something up. And while I don't feel like writing anything, maybe I'll just let my little Smurf friends have a go at it. This is one Poet Smurf wrote.

One Morning

I peeled the sun and took a bite
And threw us into frozen night
So we could sneak around and play
(We never could by light of day)
Through static yards and neighborhoods
And into black inviting woods.

I grabbed the clouds and pulled the drain
To let out all the drippy rain
So I could hold your hand and run
Without the awful glare of sun
Through walls of rain so shiny wet
To wash our brain so we forget.

I took a deep breath just for fun
And blew the stars out one by one
So we could lie in solid black
With only dark beneath our back
Through years of brightest pain behind
But missing all because we’re blind.


A.A. Melyngoch said it sounded like a Barenaked Ladies song. Shoebox would be proud, I'm sure. Oh, and Poet just stopped by, and he wants me to point out the pun in the title. I'm starting to become A.A. Milne, writing at my desk with all my imaginary friends coming by and critiquing what I've written about them. But I'm never so clever. Ever.


Novel Concept said...

Poet Smurf, you're definitely one that I like to read. You've got some real talent, and though I may not be able to walk by your desk right now, I'm also not imaginary. Keep up the good work.

Wiggle said...

You've always been grate with words. This poem was perfect for a day like this. It was simply beautiful. Wow.

Bored Engineer said...

What is going on at your apt? You and TO are both writing poetry?

Christmas Smurf said...

Well, Poet Smurf has been writing poetry on the Board since before Grabthar's Hammer. And TO is in a creative writing class. We are the artsy types, anyway. Give me a break.