Saturday, November 19, 2005


Someone asked me how I know the Neverbird is my girlfriend if we've never really discussed it. Fair question.

So one night, The Neverbird was droppng me off after burritos, and I said, "Oh, shoot! I forgot I was supposed to do my home teaching tonight!"

"That's not good," said the Neverbird.

"Well, actually, I was supposed to do it last night, but my companion went out with his girlfriend." Only after I said it did I realize I'd put the extra emphasis on the word "his."

"Well, turnabout is fair play," she recited. And that's how I know. You gotta love relationships between linguists, huh?

So while we were sitting in the theatre waiting for Harry Potter to start, various groups kept singing Happy Birthday to one of their members. The Neverbird threatened to get everyone singing to ME, since my birthday is on Tuesday (and all are invited to the party at 7, location TBA) butinstead we started talking about the odds of som many people having birthdays during this time, and I pointed out that we are Valentine's Day babies. She laughed at that and said she never really thought to count back to the date of conception. The she told me that she had come early, because her mother had gone into shock, and consequently, labor.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Well... my grandfather was called as an apostle."

I said "No way" before that really even registered. Then I said, "Your grandfather is an apostle!? Which one?"

She replied sheepishly that it was Elder Nelson.

Okay, so flash back to last weekend when we went to play games at her house. She was showing me the pictures of her family on the wall, and there was a big picture of Elder Nelson in the middle of it. Like, the exact same picture they always use in the church magazines and stuff. So I couldn't figure out why they'd just randomly have an apostle up there, and so I asked who it was.

"That's my grandfather," she responded.

"Oh. Okay." So her grandfather just looks like Elder Nelson. I almost said "He looks like Elder Nelson," but I wasn't sure if that was the right apostle, and I didn't want to look dumb. Funny, because I did anyway, I'm sure. I've just never met anyone before who's related to an apostle, so it didn't seem possible in my mind. That, and I alwas think of all of the apostles as being SUPER DUPER old and having, like great- great- great-grandchildren around. I guess I get them mixed up with the pioneers in my head. Oh, well.

Anyway, turns out the Neverbird and her grandfather are pretty tight. I'm going up to his summer home tonight to play games with all the cousins on that side.

And things are going really, remakable well with the two of us. I'm really exited to see what happens next. This girl is amazing. She is funny, sensitive to the spirit, aware of others, lively, and beautiful. She won an Olympic medal in thumb wrestling in the sixth grade. She studies Enflish and employs impeccable grammar.

Most attractive of all is the way she is with her younger siblings. Her mother passed away when she was ten, and as the second child and only girl in a family of five children, she ended up having to take charge of a lot of things in the home. She's now in college, but her relationship with her brothers impresses me. She goes and sees their plays, and she knows when their soccer games are and how they're doing in school. Her brothers are really cool kids, and seem so very well adjusted, which is impressive, considering they didn't have a mom around when they were growing up.

Anyway, enough of my gushing for today. I just felt the need to report on this, finally, since it's the best thing that's happening to me lately. Next time I'll probably tell you about my new job, since that's the second-best thing that's happening to me these days. Sayonara.


Chris said...

I like hearing that things are going well for mi amigo ele smurf. Happy b-day, and keep up the good work with Neverbird.

Mustard said...

Happy Birthday! Wish I were there to give you a squeeze! Glad things are going well with the Neverbird.

вџн said...

Ok, see, Robots don't have birthdays.


Unless they fake being real and get unplugged from life support on their 200th birthday. Or whatever Williams did in that ultra depressing movie. Ok bye.

rachel lee said...

sorry i couldnt make it to your fireside... im sure it was as entertaining as your blogs. hopefully you'll be at chris' game night! good luck with neverbird

heylady said...

first things here... I am completely jealous. But it's probably better this way since I have terrible english coming from the idiotic south and ain't is still my favorite word, and neither of us will ever graduate from college, and my family is racist and yeah. I still want full reign on the 'backup' position. She is beautiful though isn't she... absolutely stunning. I thought that before I realized she was your girlfriend. You are so lucky. fine, she is too. ya'll are going to get married and have hundreds of children and will create the new hip ROBSTER dictionary, and I will be rich since I married for money and will buy the first million copies just to get the ball rolling. You are really easily in the top runnings for being the most amazing person I've ever met. No one makes me laugh like you do. I'm sure everyone can agree on that. You make me happy. Especially you being happy. I want to hear the poem I've been promised to leak out, even though it's probably cruel with several references to wounded birds. I love to talk about me, so write it already. I want to be a bridesmaid... and if she doesn't allow it, then I am going to show up in a wedding dress and stand on the other side of you in every picture. i'd take polygamy over losing you.


el veneno said...

Congratulations on Neverbird and on Heylady who seems equally smitten. I seriously thought you must have written that yourself but her profile reveals a real girl...
You're a very lucky man. Not all of us can have sixth grade olympic thumb wrestling champions to love. Way to go.

JB said...

Happy Belated B-day and congrats on the relationship. Neverbird sounds great! :)