Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thankfulness II

Once again, things for which I'm thankful:

That it hasn't really snowed here yet.
All the Thanksgiving dinner invitations I got.
My new Nickel Creek CD.
That Novel Concept is getting season 4 of 24 on DVD for me to watch with the Neverbird.
That my brothers are married.
Pockets full of candy to give to strangers in a creepy voice.
That the library finally noticed that I quit.
Text twist.
Chocolate oranges.
That my home town was gioven a perfect Clean Air rating.
Musical theatre.
That drag queens really mostly freak me out.
That I can claim 2 on my tax forms.
That I'm still not an Eskimo (no offence, Hero and Moose).
My books.
That Wiggle's crayon box is still in the same order in which I put it about a year ago.
My ward, which is really fantastic.
National Board Game Week, which is this week.
Artificial strawberry flavoring.
My rock collection.
That I have enough clothing to cover a whole east African village.
Happiness in general, and my seemingly expanded capacity to feel it.
Catching polliwogs.
The sticky feeling on the floor of movie theatres.
Quaking aspens, quaking.
Cultural halls with the lights off, and running in them.
My mission companions, and the crazy promise I was given about them.
The Animaniacs, and how they helped me get an answer in Trivial Pursuit the other day.
My free engagement ring.
Little kids.
The future.
That the Neverbird and I seem to have the same taste in almost everything.
That she gets me.
My dad, and how much he wants the best for us, even if he's not sure what that means.
All of my wonderful friends.
Jonah chapter 4.
My roommate Brad and how understanding he's been with the whole bills thing.
That Toasteroven was able to cut my cell phone debt down to $260 somehow.
The Rice King restaurant.
Smiling strangers on BYU campus.
How weird my roommate Eric is, when we all expected he'd be the normal one.
Hot water heaters.
$2.50 sandwiches at Subway.
Dan and the film-making projects we've been working on.
Banana split flavored ice cream.
My duct tape wallet, and Nick for teaching me to make things with the stuff.
Allison, my dad's ex-girlfriend, because she still cares so much.
When the sunlight comes in all slanted, but very bright, like right now.
That I'm not an expatriate.
That juice comes out of fruit.
The Muppet Movie.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.


MOM said...

What? Your dad's exgirlfriend gets a place on your list, and I didn't get an honorable mention? No more porcupines for you!!

Chris said...

I think we can all put the Smurf on our own thankful for lists. He's one unique smurf, and I for one am thankful to have him around. Happy smurf thanksgiving!

Christmas Smurf said...

Whatever, mom. You were number two on the list last year. And this year is MORE things for which I'm thankful. So I couldn't very well put you again.

el veneno said...

A great list. Amazing how many wonderful things there are in the world. I do wonder about the pockets full of candy to give to strangers in a creepy voice and not being an expatriate. I would love to be an expat... Running in cultural halls with the lights off! I love that feeling.

MOM said...

Ok, kid, I just forgot I made the first list. You can have whatever you want to eat when you come to visit! (Hope it is soon!) I want you to know that I am VERY thankful for you. You are a good son, and a good man. I love you very much.

Vero Awesome said...

Smurfie!!! I miss you so much. I know you're all important now (ps- and who is this Neverbird, heh? I thought I was the second love of your life--after Racherella, o.c.) Also, I miss Mom. Tell her I love her, and sometimes wish she was mine too.
Call me sometime soon!!!

Sara Bear said...

I do indeed love that Nickel Creek cd. What's your favorite song, smurf?

rachel lee said...

that is so weird... i thought i was the only one who love running through the cultural hall with the light turned off. good times.
ps im a bad friend... hows the 24?

вџн said...

ooh I just hate sticky theater floors! It makes me think that some little kid dumped out his drink. Whats worse is that sometimes popcorn butter smells juuust like urine. I complain a lot. Ok bye.